Since 1962 Ewing-Foley has been a global partner with Panduit. Panduit is the world leader in innovative cabling and networking solutions. Panduit provides end-to-end network connectivity solutions tailored by application and industry to drive performance, operations and financial advantages. Panduit offers products from cabinets, racks, cable management to copper solutions, to fiber optics, labeling, and grounding systems for the data center. Panduit has the solutions for all of your Data Center and Enterprise Networking requirements.

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Innovation Never Ends! Released in May of 2016, the new revolutionary Break-Away Adapter from Panduit helps prevent damage to equipment and cabling infrastructure, and eliminates tripping hazards that occur when networked equipment is connected to an RJ45 outlet. Avoid damage to expensive equipment. The Break-Away Adapter releases when pulling force is applied, such as when a medical cart is rolled away from the wall in a hospital room. The Break-Away Adapter is ideal for any environment where portable equipment is used.  The Break-Away Adaptor from Panduit.